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Experience some of Houston’s finest electrician expertise at Ruiz Electrical Services LLC. Our electricians are experts in their field and can assess your property’s repair needs, provide a fast and hassle-free repair, and make certain you are happy with the results. Our electrical troubleshooting services are comprehensive – we are fully qualified to work on many types of electrical systems, for both commercial and residential clients. With a focus on safety and efficiency, Ruiz Electrical Services LLC takes the worry out of electrical repairs and remodels.

A Proven Process that Works

Safe, swift, and reliable electrical troubleshooting is the hallmark of Ruiz Electrical Services LLC. Instead of giving the most expensive repair recommendation, Ruiz Electrical seeks a budget-friendly solution that fits your needs while allowing a safe repair or upgrade to protect your Houston home or business. We work with our clients and take the time to properly diagnose your problems, then find a workable repair or replacement solution. We take pride in our ethical business practices, and we look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied customers across the greater Houston, TX region.